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Harry Potter and the Deathly hollows - 2 (3D)

Expecto Less! That was the spell running in my mind when I made a decision to watch Harry Potter and the deathly hollows  - Part 2! For the persons who ask “Is ‘going for a movie’ decision such hard to take in the country of two lokpal bills?”, let me introduce myself! Am a guy who had been to theatres for  3 times till I reached the age of 22. My parents are not so much fond of cinemas and they have this strict idea of visiting theatres make children drugged to moving pictures.

When I came to Chennai, my dreamy destination was Marina. A Visit to marina confirmed it deserves such a dream and with such great piracy laws I was able to see any movies I want, on any given day. I also appreciate my brother’s knack of locating CD shops which are so consumer friendly, where you name a movie and you get the movie immediately or the next day (obviously released ones).

When I watched the Harry Potter collections (1-4) from a CD which was abandoned in my friend’s room, I got the fantasy world to live in. In the mean time James Cameroon came out with a test on my parent’s no-theatre policy. Avatar – A Motion Picture Epic! See I got two worlds now Hogwarts and Pandora! It happened on a one fine Friday evening, as planned I got an emergency call from my friend and told my manager “Emergency, I have to leave early” and reached the Mecca of Chennai theatre, Sathyam.

None after James could lure me into theatres till 2010. I visited the Hogwarts on all the 7 years in black and white and 6 in DVDs and Blue Rays. After James, it was Rajni who ordered me to visit Devi for a night show, eventually not disappointed. KO in Mayajaal is the next thing happened because of some serious misunderstanding with ex-colleagues. Please be noticed that I am introduced to torrents now and deathly hollows 1 was one of the boon I got and said to myself Deathly hollows 2 should be watched in Sathyam, specifically in Sathyam Screen.

Enough on intro, now you all are aware of the importance of my decisions on visiting theatres. Hogwarts, my fantasy world is going to be in the war. With Albus gone, 3 horcruxes being destroyed its the right opportunity to visit the theatre. Vikram, with his another magical performance stole the sathyam screen from Harry. I end up either in Santham screen or anyone of the screens in Escape which didn’t interest me because of the 40 minutes travel in MTC 21 to and fro, mylapore to Sathyam. Inox is the screen where the fitting finale in 3D is decided for me.

Being tickets booked for Friday noon show and me waking up at 11:30 AM my brunch was cancelled. In the mean time the spell was always lingering in my mind. But in certain circumstances I was forced to change the spell Expecto lesser because Emma talked in screen after very long time. Yeah! I am an Emma Watson fan. She was the first girl or female personality to achieve my desktop wall paper status.

Yawn!!!!  The trailors for forth coming movies were mind blowing and that yawn disappeared immediately. The 3D effect was the best thing happened to Harry Potter. It could have been an icing on the cake if there was a Quidditch game between Harry and Tom Riddle. That much funny Voldemort has shaped up in screen. Except in the scene where he kills one of his aide, he was never threating.

The Gringoits episode was  well shaped up. Thank God they retained the scene where Hermione in disguise of Bellatrix greets a passerby with a Good Morning! The dragon roared, set the screen on fire blasted the floor and did all the best things it could scare the viewers with 3d effect! But I wish the colour could have been a dark green or maroon  because white dragon symbolizes peace to me. 

Then comes the Aberforth, I could hardly see his face. The significance of Ariana and her relationship with Albus is just devoted (could have stressed the emotional side of Dumbledore) she did the most important thing of taking Harry back to castle. Where is Hermione? She had only one mad idea of taking a dragon ride. Oops! She is much more worth than that.  

The first Hogwarts attack was a visual treat and Grawp was missing in defense of the school compounds. The protecting charms, breakage of defense was great to watch. If Nevile had not taken Luna I would have done that for sure (as Hermione was already taken by that useless Ron).  Harry’s encounter with Helena was normal and his stunts in room of requirement with Draco is awesome! Did I miss “What is the plan Harry” and “Don’t know”. That always adds to Harry Potter.

Oh dear Severus! You ran afraid of Minerva! Amazing graphics from wand of hers! So the dark lord kills him after 2 horcruxes were destroyed and Harry decides to go behind the first living horcrux Nagini! Pretty Snake! Isn’t it? First time I am seeing Alan Rickman crying in the screen. The frame in which Harry as a baby and Snape cries over the death of Lily, Hats off Alan! 

On learning, he has to die Harry goes for Tom riddle. Now the deathly hollows is possessed by Harry. The coat, stone and wand the importance stays only with the title of movie which should have been the backbone of the script.  After all the dramatic crying by Hagrid on Harry’s nap in the war, Tom takes Harry (‘s dead body) using Hagrid as beast of burden to Hogwarts. Haven’t I read Harry was directly instructed by Nevile to kill Nagni? 

The humour of the story begins here! Tom and Harry taking a ride around Hogwarts and under going a rugby tryout decides to duel!  Damn it! He is the dark lord! He deserves more respect than what it is shown he is invincible even without horcrux by a drop out wizard. 

What happened to legendary words Avada Kedavara and Expelliarmus in final duel?  Where are the peeves? Where is the Albus portrait in headmaster room? Without these things Harry potter is incomplete.

19 years later! I planned to get outta room! Come on Dude you cant see Emma as a mother of a child! But  Daniel and Bonie shows the good work of costumer and make-up artist. The youth eyed Rupert and charmish Emma seem as children of Danny and Bonnie. If the second half could have been more gripping  this could be the best of all the eight movies.

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